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Eye Examinations

We are happy to see both NHS and Private patients. Our eye examination is full and comprehensive and includes, Diabetic and Glaucoma screening, Cataract and Macular Disease Management and an optional, but highly recommended O.C.T scan. (Optical 3D scanner that allows early detection of various eye problems.) We also run a specialised Dry Eye Clinic.

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Qualified staff will dispense prescription lenses and quality frames to personalize eyewear for each patient.

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Contact Lens Fitting

We have many years of experience and clinical expertise in the area of contact lens fitting and keep ourselves current with the latest lenses available. As a result we can offer a range of lenses that will cope with various patient needs. As well as the Daily Disposables or Monthly Replacements, we can offer Extended Wear, for those who don’t like to handle lenses and Multi-Focals, for those who don’t want to wear reading glasses. For the fashion conscious, we can provide cosmetic tinted contact lenses. We are experienced in dealing with Astigmatism, Keratoconus and fitting Complex contact lenses. For those who would prefer to wear no contact lenses in the day but would be happy to wear lenses during the night, we offer Eye Dream – Orthokeratology.

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Ortho K

What is Orthokeratology or ortho-K? It is the use of specially designed contact lenses to alter the shape of the cornea in order to reduce or correct low to moderate levels of myopia (short sight). Orthokeratology is an additional specialized service we offer. The aim is to correct vision without the need for spectacles or contact lenses during the day. For more info on this service, call us on 02870342255 or email us at For more information visit:

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Dry Eye Clinic

Suffer from dry eyes? We can help. You could possibly have a common tear problem which is known as Dry Eye but the good news is that most people find that it is easy to treat. The problem occurs when your tear flow reduces or evaporates too quickly, causing the very sensitive front surface of your eye to dry out. Here at Holley Optometrists, we will undertake a specialist examination of your tears, recommend the latest treatments to alleviate those symptoms and ensure that you leave us knowing exactly how to treat your particular condition with a bespoke care plan. For more info visit

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Children’s Eye Care

Children are important to us and we enjoy seeing them. In this practice, eye examinations, lenses and frames are free for children, under the NHS. We can also offer private frames, if you want something a little different.

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The Joy Of Hearing

Joy Young, Audiologist, of “Joy of Hearing”, a locally owned hearing aid dispensing company, offers superior hearing healthcare to those with hearing loss. This is an additional service we provide to extend our professional services, available to all our patients.

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On-site Lens Lab/Lenses

Having our own on-site lens lab is all about Customer Service. We have our own specialist to make up the glasses you have chosen, which means the service is more efficient than having to send them away. Most repairs can be dealt with quickly and easily too. We stock high quality lenses, including, Zeiss, Seiko, Essilor and Hoya.

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We are one of the few practitioners of Colorimetry in N. Ireland and have found over the years we have been offering this service, that it can be very helpful to sufferers of Dyslexia, Migraine, Epilepsy and Colour Deficiency. It works by using precision tinted spectacle lenses or contact lenses.

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Holleys optometrists are always my first choice eye tests and glasses. Their friendliness and professionalism are 2nd to none and they make me feel valued every time I walk through the door

Ian Smyth

As a professional working mum, Holley’s customer service makes shopping for glasses hassle free and a delight. Their attention to detail and wide range of options means I am spoilt for choice.

Dr Karise Hutchinson

I need glasses for things like sports as well as everyday use, Holley's makes sure I am kitted out for every occasion and their eye testing is always bespoke to my needs.

Barry Hyland

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Visioffice Dispensing System

This latest innovative technology allows all our Single Vision, Bifocal and Varifocal lenses to be tailored to each patient.

The Visioffice creates an interactive personalisation experience designed to take 7 specific visual measurements to ensure that your lenses are fully personalised to you, your posture and your visual behaviour.

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